Which PS5 2021 Exclusives Are You Most Excited For?

Sony has announced a ton of new games slated for the PS5, including:

- Spider-Man: Miles Morales

- Hogwarts Legacy

- God of War: Ragnarok

- Horizon Forbidden West

- Final Fantasy 16

Which of these titles are you most excited for? Or, is there another title you can't wait to play?

  • its a tie between Spiderman and Hogwarts.... However, when Horizon comes back in the mix its that hands down. 

  • Spiderman is going to be so good! Also I'm excited to catch up on the games I hadn't played on the PS4 that will be on PS5, like God of War.

  • I still haven't opened my copy of Spiderman on PS4 and Harry Potter never really interested me.

    I'm going to go with Horizon Forbidden West since I Platinum'd the first one. Without a new Everybody's Golf on PS5 though I'm not sure I want to buy a console just for 1 game.

  • Beware of the Valkyries in God Of War 

  • Not really excited tbh. I stepped away from console gaming. Too much of a time and money investment. 

  • It really is the time that will get you. Everything is competing for our time and Battle Pass style "seasons" in games just makes it worse and harder to put down a game for a bit and take a break.

  • Also... which Spiderman :p? 

  • One of the very few games I enjoyed getting Platinum on... Hardest was God of War

  • Yeah it really wasn't too bad to Platinum it just took time to find every little thing