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Are Playstations 5 still as difficult to grab as they used to be? I find it asinine that retailers are not stocking their shelves or are loaded with stock. 

  • So far the only ways to get them at MSRP is through an invitation from Amazon (sign up for it as the invites to purchase go out each Friday more or less), an invite to purchase from Sony Playstation Direct (both of these invites are for the digital and disc), or just buy a bundle from Playstation directly for the price of a console + a game. Everywhere else I've seen prices are much higher or they're sold out and it's probably because Sony is trying to combat the price gouging (albeit way late) by trickling out the consoles for purchase. 

  • think some supply chain for parts issues along with maximize profits

  • Doing a quick google search there's one available at my local GameStop. I reckon they've gotten a bit better, but I'm shocked they don't have more.

  • dude thank you so mucb! im getting one for my kid and im sure its tough to grab one now.

  • Exactly what I mean. I thought it was chip shortage but video cards have come out and not having issues meeting demands anymore. I wonder what the deal is now. Are XBox on the same level too?

  • I don't think it's hard to find a new Play-station 5's, it seam's like if you look around there easy to get.

  • Last time I looked they still were.  Probably going to be harder to find with the Christmas Season

  • I feel like the ps5 is still very hard to find because their are still a lot of people who want one, I found it is even hard to get one at GameStop because they are all sold out, they even have sign’s say that they don’t know when a ps5 will be coming in. I have been waiting for the ps5 to come out with a different version like the ps4 pro and I don’t think they have done that yet. I do thing it is becoming easier to get one you can probably get one online but they have different prices. I went to target a few weeks ago and they had a sign that said they have ps5 but when I checked it was filled with Xbox games and headphone and their was a sign that said all PlayStation items were moved.

  • I've seen a lot of them at my local best buy and Costco, Seems like the hype around this console has died down because of how hard it was to get. 

  • they are literally everywhere now they lost their hype and frankly they were over hyped i view Sony as apple overpriced and not even that good