Purchasing games

Do you prefer Hard copies or Digital?

  • I prefer buying hard copies for certain reasons. Usually, physical copies go on sale more often and at steeper discount than ps store. A physical copy can also be sold or traded in for credit at some retailers or marketplaces. You can also give a hard copy of a game to a friend or relative once you're done. Hard copies also contribute to game preservation. The convenience of digital purchases and quick start and play are nice but the pros of owning a game physically far outweigh the conveniences of digital copies in my opinion.

  • Digital, except what irritates me is that usually digital movies are almost never on sale--which is infuriating because there's no manufacturing/shipping/retail costs whereas I can usually get a bunch of physical movie copies on Black Friday in stores.

  • Digital for PC since I have far more games for this. PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox would be physical copies just so I can have a visible collection to showcase. 

  • Digital for minimalism purposes but I hope they move the ownership tracking to a blockchain type of technology to make it more transparent and resalable.

  • I love buying the hard copies of the game because then you get to actually have something. If you buy it online then it’s on the console and you can’t use it on any other ps but if you have the disk than you can play it on the other consoles. Another reason why I like hard copies is because I like to go to GameStop and see all the cool things.

  • I agree.   Plus most computers don't have cd drives anymore.  Portables are a pain.   I believe the digital shift is due to the theft of games by ripping the CDs.  

  • I don't mind digital as long as I don't have to be tied to an authentication server to prove that my licensed copy is legal if the publisher goes belly up.

  • I prefer digital copy

  • I prefer hard copies with visib;e library you can grab and use at friends

  • Hard when I can. I have a switch. I don't entirely trust cloud gaming because in a worst case scenario, all of the data is gone. At least I'll still have the hard copy of the game. The only game that isn't hard on my Switch is Project Diva, but that's an exception because Sega won't make chips for international versions. But of course, when I'm on a PC, everything's digital.

    Additionally, if I ever get sick of a game, I can sell them for some money. I used to have GBA, (3)DS games that I didn't want anymore, so I sold them.