XBOX or PS5: Does it come down to Halo or Spiderman?

It seems the specs for Xbox X and PS5 are pretty close. The one big distinction everyone seems to note are the exclusive games. Whose games selection do you like better? Are there other significant considerations I should make?

  • I think it's all about what your friends play. Most of the games are the same, minus a few exclusive titles, so for me it's all about what console my friends are playing on.

  • My vote is for PS5. They have a better library of exclusives, plus most exclusive games for Xbox are also available on Gamepass for PC, so its not really exclusive to Xbox. 

  • I like playstations game selection better. I feel that they have more of my favorites.

  • I have played Spiderman and I think it is fun.

  • I say why not both and a gaming pc for good measure.

  • The reason I won't ever buy an Xbox anymore is that all their exclusives come out on PC. Playstation and Nintendo tend to have actual console exclusives, so I will continue to buy their systems since I enjoy those franchises. 

  • I have always been a person who plays on PlayStation so I believe the ps5 is better. I used to play the older halo on my brothers Xbox 360 but that was a long time ago. I have never played Spider-Man and I don’t think I have any plans to play it any time soon. I have heard good things about the Xbox X but I still don’t have any plans to play something on it.

  • I wouldn't worry about the hardware, game performance is similar enough that it doesn't really matter.  Personally I wouldn't buy a console, just stick with PC.  With Sony finally releasing games on PC we get all the games now, at least eventually.  And then you can enjoy the games with better graphics and higher framerates.

  • PS exclusives are much better with games like God of War, Spiderman, Bloodborne, Last of Us etc.... althogh some are being ported to pc. Another feature that makes PS5 a better choice is the new PSVR2 that will have 4k OLED eyetracking VR comparable to PCVR gaming. It baffles me that Xbox has not delved into the VR world yet.

  • PS has the better exclusives. And it's not even close in my estimation. I use the Xbox mainly for streaming now, I like the PS games so much better.