Premium, Extra, or Standard PLUS subscription? That is the question.

What are your ideas on which route to go?   Pros vs Cons in your thought process for the choice.  

  • I have been a Standard subscription kind of person so far.   Looking for reasons to justify the Black Friday special to bump it up to Extra.    Retro gaming would be a plus, as there are a few I can see I could blow a few hours on.   But?  not really enough for a whole year.    Plus the monthly games have really kind of not been that great lately.    

  • I have had a PlayStation for well over 8 years and my current one is a PS4 pro. For the first year that I had my PlayStation I did not have any kind of subscription because I was younger and did not play a lot. For the last 7 years I would always get the normal 12 month subscription and play on that. The new types of subscription are confusing the hell out of me because their are all these options and I don’t really want to play more games.

  • I go with the standard subscription mainly because of sales. Usually, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday I can get the whole year for around $30. 

  • I've the standard and am happy with it. My "stack of shame" is tall enough to keep me busy for a couple years! And I like the free monthly games. 

    (BTW, discounted PS+ subscription cards can still be found online for ~$40. I loaded up & am good for a few more years yet)

  • Premium is not worth it in my opinion as the ps2 and ps3 streaming library is small and lackluster. I sub to the ps plus xtra tier and think this is the best value. For an extra $40 a year you will get to download more than your money's worth with titles like FF7 Intergrade, deathloop, demon souls, returnal, kingdom hearts series etc...... Most Sony first party games will likely be availible in this tier and with games costing $70 this gen you can save a lot of money especially playing the one and done single player games and indie/arcade games.

  • I've always gone with the Standard when I got the subscription.  Way to many games in my backlog as it is right now.

  • I use the Standard extra subscription pretty much for the free game every month. The streaming library is pretty small and the latency isn't great for premium to be worth it.

  • Standard is the way to go until you can increase your skills and speed.  I wouldn't have time for any others now.

  • D, none of the above.

  • UPDATE.   1st thanks for your input.   I got bored on Thanksgiving and hit up the Black Friday sale for the Premium.   DL'd about a TB worth of games on my external drive.   Only found 2 PS5 games I am interested in trying out.   Still have to test out the Streaming as I haven't had time to as of yet.   Maybe that will be a different post.   Kind of on a build-and-survive kick.  Played Surviving Mars most of the day yesterday.