Just got the PS5. Am I good laying it down flat?

Title says it all. I'm worried about heat issues. Anyone have good insight?

  • Yeah it should be fine. I had mine laying flat for about a year with no overheating problems. I have it in vertical position now that I have less space to accommodate other electronics. 

  • Having had any problems with mine laying flat down.  It should be fine this way.

  • Mine's been flat for over a year now with no issues

  • The important thing is to keep airflow around it so the PS5 doesn't overheat. 

  • I would agree. This is very important to adhere to.

  • Personally, I always put a fat, thick rubber washer under each corner.  Heat is always an enemy.

  • A good rule to practice is that anything that requires airflow should have at least 6 inches of clearance on all sides, but most importantly on the sides that has the intake and exhaust vents.

  • agreed. flat is fine as long as there is airflow around it.

  • flat should be fine as long as space left around unit

  • Just don't lay it down on a soft carpet or blanket, etc.  On a Hard surface should be OK