Just got the PS5. Am I good laying it down flat?

Title says it all. I'm worried about heat issues. Anyone have good insight?

  • I agree with this

  • I have a PS4 but I saw that and was thinking It can't be the only way to have it. I would have to give Sony more credit to design it only to be vertical knowing there would be so many potential issues, that being said though if possible I'd keep it standing up like it shows on the box or whatever but as people have said I"m sure you'll be fine. I really like what someone said about keeping 4 rubber pieces so the corners are propped up. I have a laptop and I noticed that if it's not on a hard surface such as a bed or in a PS4 sometimes I've seen the carpet it will drastically overheat as there is no fan in this laptop so I keep it on something hard and flat surface wise or propped up

  • You are good.   I keep mine upright due to the space available for it.   I have to remember how the disc goes in every time though.

  • only options would be a shaded cool  elevated area if flat 

  • Either  orientation is fine, Sony designed it to lay flat or stand vertical or be ok.

  • Laying it down flat will make no difference. The area you put the PS5 just needs to give adequate space for intake/exhaust.

  • Probably no issue  but maintain airflow around it.