Looking Back - Favorite Playstation Console?

With the PS5 release fast approaching, let's take a look back at previous PS systems.

If you could only choose one Playstation... which would you choose?

Once you've got your pick - why? Is it due to the games, the design, the nostalgia, etc?

  • Always going to be the PS2 and the worst was the PS3

  • Agreed, the PS2 is too nostalgic for me to not pick it haha

  • I can't remember which I started on, but we definitely had a PS1 in the house that I'd mostly play Spyro and Tomb Raider on when I was a little kid. I could also listen to music through it which was awesome at the time since I didn't have an iPod. I didn't realize back then how it was the start of something great for many years to come.
    I then got hooked into the PS2 which is where my Need for Speed and overall car addiction came into play. I feel the PS1 had more of an impact in terms of starting to game at a young age while the PS2 kept my interests growing and consistant, it's a hard toss up between the two.
    I love my PS4, I don't have many games on it yet, but my PS3 in terms of "availability" would always remain to be slim. My dad got it for me as a used console and most of the games that came with it just refused to work correctly. I was able to get some amazing play out of a few games, but it's hard to appreciate it fully with the barriers that it came with.
    Currently, most of my gaming is on my laptop. I have nowhere comfortable to play on my consoles at the moment, but I won't ever forget where I came from. In terms of reliability, the PS2 will always have that special spot for me, but I love and enjoy them all equally.

  • I have to give it to the PS1. PlayStation 2 was great and really launched the industry forward technologically, but I never felt the way I did as when I discovered a new PS1 game. Tomb Raider 1 and 2 are still both in my top 10.

  • PS2 for sure! There were so many good games that i have very fond memories of. I recently bought an old PS2 just to replay some of them as well. Slight smile

  • The PS1 did it first...

  • Metal Gear Solid made the first Playstation 

  • I agree. The storytelling in that game, as hokey as it was, was pretty ground breaking at the time. 

  • True. I lvoed the PS1, but looking back on my childhood all of my favorite games were PS2. It has so many!

  • Looking back on how much time I spent playing on each of these (minus the PS5), I wanted to say PS3, but the amount of life changing games, memories, and experiences I had with PS2 blows it out of the water. So many games from Silent Hill 2, a bunch of DDR titles, fighting games, RPGs, the first backwards compatible system, and so much more. It was definitely a great time to be alive.