Looking Back - Favorite Playstation Console?

With the PS5 release fast approaching, let's take a look back at previous PS systems.

If you could only choose one Playstation... which would you choose?

Once you've got your pick - why? Is it due to the games, the design, the nostalgia, etc?

  • PS2 had such a great library of games

  • I think the best time i have was with the PS2 and 3 also!

  • I think the Playstation 2 was the best. It was the first to integrate online play. So it brought alot of the franchises we have today into the shared gaming world.

  • The PS2 is my favorite because it brings back memories of playing Madden all night against my cousins growing up.

  • I would love to pick the PS1 again because I fondly remember playing Metal Gear Solid 1 and Parasite Eve on it during my middle school weekend. Also, I just loved the number of games I bought from my local game store, which sold many PS1 games that I would have bought with the allowance money I had saved up.