Price increase of PS5. Whats your opinion on it?

Really curious about your opinion about the price increase of the console. Do you think it's natural considering everythings is going up due to inflation and all the conflicts in the world or are you the kind of person that won't buy it because of the price increase. personally I don't really mind much since it seems natural for prices like games over the past years increased in terms of price.

  • My opinion is that it sucks but can't blame them. I think there isn't a single thing that hasn't increased in price in the past 1 year.

  • I know they have announced that selected markets will be affected, but I have yet to see any news about the US being one of them. I doubt that Sony will ever increase the price of this console enough for them to get any profit from their sales. I still expect them to take a loss for every sale. 

  • All price increases suck and make it harder for those less fortunate to be able to play.   

  • Price of components are increase so price is increase

  • Inflation is now very strong and acceptable for price increase of PS5

  • Well.... every thing is going and it blows. I never graduated to a Ps5, I stopped at the PS4 and got a pc. I would like to know why they are going up. I'm assuming the excuse winds down to the old chip shortage. Thank you COVID. They started a trend and i believe its all Bulllllllllllllll.

  • I don’t like it but I understand why they have to increase prices because the prices of components such as semiconductors are increased therefore they have to charge more because it cost more to produce the product.

  • The only such announcement I see is from way back in August, and only for some markets. 

  • I think consoles are still a good deal despite the increase compared to a gaming computer.