PlayStation community

Does anyone else miss the PlayStation community this was one of the few ways I was able to meet new people to play my games.

has anyone else had good experience with the community and if so what are they.

  • I only used Playstation community feature for Dead by Daylight to find a good non toxic group to play with when a lot of my friends moved on to other games. Other games I play online have auto chat like Battlefield franchise so if I squad up with a player I enjoyed playing with I will ask him if it's cool to send him or her a friend request.

  • What did it have different from any other community ?

  • What do you mean by "PlayStation community"?  Was this a feature of older PS consoles?

  • I don't know why PlayStation removed it. I'm glad they announced discord coming in the March update, so there can be something to fill a similar role. I used this feature for PVE games like Killing Floor 2 just to find full matches easily. 

  • I have not used it at all

  • I miss this feature, it was a much easier way to discuss a game, find help, meet people, and organize events all on the platform itself. PlayStation absolutely should bring it back. Without it, with groups now being the only other option, accomplishing the same task requires us to go find communities outside the PlayStation platform or gather these kinds of people ourselves in a group which slows the process significantly.

  • I don't know why PlayStation removed it.

  • PlayStation's online multiplayer functionality allows players to join others in cooperative or competitive gaming experiences. Engaging in multiplayer matches can provide opportunities to meet new people, build teams, and enjoy collaborative gameplay.