PS5 digital vs disc

Not sure which one I should buy. Which one do you guys have ?

With my PS4 I barely downloaded any games, I bought all of them as a disc. Mainly because I thought I can then sell it again or borrow it to a friend. But with most games being online now, that is probably not a reason anymore.

  • I say with disc give you options if the internet is down 

  • It is most definitely a reason. You can still buy the best titles on disc. Which means you can play them anytime, fee free on your disc system. The PAY TO PLAY or software rental model is a giant scam. ALWAYS own your own media. Otherwise you are at the mercy of tech bros who want to bleed you out for cash.

  • I used to buy only a disc but now I only buy from digital stores. Problem with disc are that I lost whole lot of them when I moved and with my current place being so small i would prefer to have less of physical belonging. 

  • i enjoy movies and 100 extra is worth that alone if you dont already have some kind of 4k player, I am mostly a digital guy but the option to buy used discs is still great when you want to try out games you may not like and can resell if so, or even resell later once digital version gets cheaper

  • If u don't buy disc than digital is better. 

  • i just like having the disc just in case internet issues etc.  just more options there

  • I prefer disc just out of habit. You can easily buy or borrow a used ps5 game disc to save on expenses. It really just comes down to your finances though. If you can spare the extra $100 then go for the disc. 

  • disk version all the way

  •  Digital is easier to carry with you...  

  • I agree with most of you.   If you can buy a game and get the disk then do so.   The market is changing to media free and we will not have a choice for much longer.   Digital gives us a few more and a few less options, good and bad but gives the retailer, whomever that may be, much more control over us and our data.