PS5 digital vs disc

Not sure which one I should buy. Which one do you guys have ?

With my PS4 I barely downloaded any games, I bought all of them as a disc. Mainly because I thought I can then sell it again or borrow it to a friend. But with most games being online now, that is probably not a reason anymore.

  • I would go with the disk, I like having physical copies. 

  • I myself am nostalgic. I prefer to have the disc in hand when i want to play. 

  • Our household goes back anf forth on this. We're running outta space to store disks, so digital is attractive. And physical copies can get lost, damaged, or loaned (and not returned). But digital are locked to an account & need internet access. 

    So we've some on disk, others on digital, a few as both.

  • Spend the extra $ on the disc version.  Aside from being able to play without an internet connection, the whole "ownership" issue is a huge deal.  After hearing all the horror stories about people's accounts being banned, and the thousands of dollars in games being effectively deleted, I stopped buying anything digitally.  Unless the law changes, when they stop making consoles with drives, I guess my console days are done.  

  • I bought disc because I usually buy games on disc, then resell them later at like half price after playing them. If I did digital only games, I couldn't really resell.

  • I prefer disc version, but I guess soon, we won't have that option either. 

  • Call me old fashioned but I much prefer having a disc or at least having physical ownership of the file.

  • I love to to play PlayStation and I own well over a hundred games on my PS4. For the most part I have all of my games on digital that is because most of them were impulse buys because I was bored and really wanted to play a game that I saw. I do own a lot of digital games but I like to actually always get the disk. The reason I like to have the disk instead of digital is simply because I prefer to own the game and actually have something tangible that I spent money on. I will say I have not bought disk games in some time mainly because GameStop is far away and no one would want to go with me. Every time I do go out to GameStop I always get more than one game, the last time I was there I bought 4 games and I like to play them all. I also like to own my favorite games on the disk even if I already own them on digital.

  • Get the disc while you can, they will be hard to find soon

  • I usually buy disc version of a game for few reasons. Physical discs are an excellent way to promote game preservation. If a game is delisted or you no longer have access to digital copy, well, you have a disc which also can be become a collectible appreciating in value. Discs can also be resold or lent to friends. Disc versions also tend to go on sale much faster and for less due to retailer stock control often getting really good deals if a retailer needs to create space for other games or products. Lastly, if internet is down you can put in the disc and download without it. The only time i don't  mind buying digital is if it is multiplayer only and it is cheaper. Multiplayer only games are usually going to dwindle in player count or the game publishers/devs will shut down servers making the game unplayable unless you are on pc where privately hosted and paid servers are allowed by them.