PS5 digital vs disc

Not sure which one I should buy. Which one do you guys have ?

With my PS4 I barely downloaded any games, I bought all of them as a disc. Mainly because I thought I can then sell it again or borrow it to a friend. But with most games being online now, that is probably not a reason anymore.

  • Download most of my games but went with disk anyway.  We got a ton of blu rays and stuff too so it kind of just made sense.

  • My perspective - if you can find/afford the disc version, then go with it. More versatile down the you can still buy digitally if that's your preference.

  • I choose the disc version. It's the best of both worlds. I do prefer the disc overall.

  • Definitely disc, you can sell the disc as second-hand after you are bored with the game

  • I'd still go with disc if you have the extra money. It gives you more options for cheaper older games, you can't pay ps4 disc games on digital only, and it gives you an ultra HD blu-ray player

  • I have the disc version but I on't really buy games that much anymore. I mostly play whatever is available on PS Plus. If you are a deals guy then disc version might be better for occasional deals

  • Im old school and still prefer physical it discs, cds..ect

  • Personally a big fan of physical media... it never goes away. Look at how many movies you can't find anymore because streaming has killed physical media... just my two pennies.

  • It's always good to be open-minded and willing to learn from others, even if we don't agree with them.