First Game.

What is the FIRST PlayStation Game you have ever played? Mine was Tekken 1 on PS1.

  • I started to play games on PlayStation very late compared to other people I never played the ps 1 2 or 3, my first ps was the ps4 pro. I got it as a Christmas present and at that time I was not that into playing games however I did enjoy it a lot when I first got it and ever since I always played it. The first game I played on my ps4 was the game called final fantasy 15 this was such a fun game even tho I did not get into it very much I still had a great time playing with it. Eventually I did something bad and my mother took my ps4 away from me and I kind of forgot about it until I went and got it back from her. I traded my final fantasy for some other games and I enjoyed my new games but a few years later I went and bought final fantasy XV again and finally completed the game with all of the dlc.

  • I can't really remember to be honest but think I can narrow it down to one of thre games: Tekken 1, Tomb Raider, or Blood Roar. It was probably Tekken 1 as I would spend time at the arcade version often between classes near the university campus.

  • battle arena toshinden, it was so cool 

  • SSX on PS2! Loved that game for a minute!

  • The first game I played on the ps1 would be Rayman, but I don't remember if I actually beat it. 

  • twisted metal was the first game i played best ps game out and final fantasy

  • Kileak!   First-person shooter.  Played for countless hours and sucked at it.

  • My first PS1 game was Final Fantasy 7 on a friends system. I hadn't played a Final Fantasy since FF1 on a NES and it blew me away and led me to going out to a Walmart and buying a PS1 memory card to save my game and later to getting my own PS1 with FF7 as my first purchased PS game.