Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Better or Worse than the Original?

The most popular Final Fantasy game ever was 7. It was remade and in my opinion the original for PS1 is still the best. Whats your thoughts?

  • Original is always better

  • Frankly most kids these days won't even touch the original with its graphics. Its a great improvement that I think can live alongside the original

  • I’m glad they remade it. I’m not “kids these days”, but I am so accustomed to newer graphics by now that it’s hard to sit through blocky games. I never got around to playing VII as a kid, but looking forward to playing the remake soon.

  • As much as I like the original I wouldn't recommend it over the remake. The original story overall is a lot better while the remake's story feels like an expansion. In terms of gameplay, the original final fantasy is outdated and that's not a bad thing. It is a great game to play on the go, but the dominance of turn-based games has declined for a reason. For this reason, I would always have to recommend more modern editions of the Final Fantasy series to new players to ease them into the series. 

  • I have to agree with everyone else, original is better most of the time.