How are we feeling about Activision and Microsoft morph?

Are we worried about the take over? Will COD be super expensive for Sony players, will it even be available to play with the newer titles in the next few years? 

(Will COD be available as one of those titles free to play with Xbox game pass or pc game pass??)

  • Less competition and more monopoly is not always the best solution.

  • I'm not worried. I think it will still be available for the major releases. I only see timed exclusives for minor and less established IPs. The only issue is if the regulators will let it go through. I for one hope it goes through and that Microsoft can clean house at ATB and Kotick.

  • I don't play COD. But my friend who has been competitive for years, hasn't like the recent releases and moved onto other games with his squad. Maybe that'll improve and get some players back.

  • Dont really matter to me lol. If a good game releases it releases. if not oh well. nothing lost or gain from it.

  • I am hopeful, but concerned. The huge cash influx that is possible will be a great motivator.

  • Generally speaking, and as of late in particular, I think Microsoft is more open to sharing IPs and what would otherwise be exclusives with competitors. Especially if they can tout that the experience is best on Xbox (which may be debatable), they're really just opening themselves up to more profits.

  • Even if the acquisition is approved I don't see it having any negative effects. It would be silly for Microsoft not to sell COD across as many platforms as possible to maximize profits. If anything they should just use this title to boost their subscription sales. 

  • I don't think it will be too bad... I do think there are some anti-trust issues.... but oh well I guess. 

  • Who Knows We will see

  • I'm pretty excited! Activision needed the change-up in leadership and culture. Xbox needed another solid first-party studio. PC gamers benefit from relaxation of exclusivity, especially from Sony (they are getting better but for the longest time their games on Steam were running full price). WIN-WIN-WIN for gamers.