How are we feeling about Activision and Microsoft morph?

Are we worried about the take over? Will COD be super expensive for Sony players, will it even be available to play with the newer titles in the next few years? 

(Will COD be available as one of those titles free to play with Xbox game pass or pc game pass??)

  • I could seem them eventually making COD Microsoft exclusive. They've done it with other properties after buying studios/publishers. It will be up to Sony to decide what they want or care to do about it. Consider it a loss or develop their own exclusive FPS. The problem with be that COD already has such a huge install base and even though the game is often crap and heavily criticized with a ton of loot boxes, microtransactions, battle passes, etc., it still always sells very well.

  • I feel good about it. Microsoft is a solid company. 

  • I think Microsoft will do gamers justice and make sure it's available on PlayStation and many other platforms.

  • Not worried at all. Microsoft is the exact opposite of Sony. Sony didnt even open up cross play with xbox until Epic Games Fortnite forced them to do it

  • After reading this thread, I concluded that we shouldn’t worry too much about Microsoft hogging but rather acknowledge that apparently Sony is the type to hog?? I was not aware Sony was like that lmao.

  • I can't imagine they would shoot their golden goose. Maybe a slight surcharge but nothing the consumer will ever see on their end I bet.

  • Not worried at all, why would they all of sudden make it super expensive for PlayStation players? They're going to have a lot of regulators looking at them weirdly with they did that. Microsoft would never remove newer CoD titles from PlayStation, it's going to be one of their biggest money makers. Yes, it will be available for Xbox and pc game pass once all the "preexisting" contracts/obligations expire.

  • Regarding Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, some Call of Duty titles have been available on these platforms in the past, but there is no guarantee that future titles will be included in these services. It's best to check the official websites and announcements from the game developers and publishers for the most up-to-date information.

  • I'm not really a fan of Activision Blizzard games. I just hope Sony can respond with a good acquisition of their own so that the competition doesn't become one sided

  • I'm more worried with Sony's handling of it than the actual merger itself