Is no man sky any good

I really want to try no man sky with some friends but I’ve been told that it has almost no content and gets boring quickly. Looking for others insight here.

  • Boring boring boring. Try Morrowind

  • Nms has tons of content now but remember it's a sandbox so u get as much as u put in

  • As Vincent said, the game actually does have a lot of content but you do get what you put in. I'd also add that the developers are still supporting this game years after it's release. It's actually a really cool story if you're at all familiar with is initial release. If you look it up on Wikipedia there's a chart listing all the major updates.

  • It is a good game now compared to when it was released. However, there is no real objective. If you like open-world survival craft sandbox games then you can sink hundreds of hours into this game. If you don't like this genre of games then you will most likely get bored in a few hours and never play again. 

  • I like the game specially after the past few updates.

  • No man’s sky is one of the best games you can ever possibly find there is so much for you to do and explore that it is a never ending journey from start to finish. It is a great game to play with your friends but you will also have a lot of fun just playing by yourself their is nothing stopping you from just getting in your ship and just fly anywhere in the world. One of the greatest thing I like to do in no man’s sky is to travel everywhere and just build things. I am not the biggest fan of large giant creatures just appearing behind me and saying hello but it is something you will come to love. It is also a great game if you want to experience a survival game with a big alien twist on it.

  • Tha launch was a complete disaster. I have a friend who said the devs fixed a lot of things and it's cool now. But I haven't tried it again...

  • The game has improved tremendously since launch, with many, many new features being added to the game in the 7 years since then. In fact, there the newest update - Interceptor, which has added the ability to fly a sentinel craft - was added into the game just Tuesday! It is, as some have said, generally a sandbox experience, so you'll get from it what you put in, mostly - but if you want a more guided experience, No Man's Sky does have Expeditions, timed events in which you embark on a more structured journey across the galaxy, accomplishing certain objectives, having a neat little adventure, and along the way, learning the systems of the game and unlocking unique rewards that carry over into future gameplay. We'll probably be getting another one of those in a month or two, showcasing the next update, so that might be a good time to jump in, if you're interested!