Is no man sky any good

I really want to try no man sky with some friends but I’ve been told that it has almost no content and gets boring quickly. Looking for others insight here.

  • It is not bad but it is kinda boring

  • I feel like No Man’s Sky is one of the best examples of turning a game around after nearly failing. The amount of content that has been added is crazy. You should check it out especially with how cheap it has gotten. I love the update that added exploration of derelict spaceships…so creepy. 

  • Seeing as the devs are  still  all in with updating this game, there is no reason not to try it.

    It gives you the option to tailor the difficulty so you can be in full survivalist mode or you can just chill, explore and build stuff without the worry of dying.

  • That was long ago, there's so much content now you'd never run out of things to do!

  • In my experience, its very fun in the first few hours of playing it, getting to explore different planets and space stations. However, after a couple hours, the story gets quite repetitive and you realize all the infinite planets you can explore are just copy and paste planets that don't hold much exploration potential.

  • I appreciate your input, but I hold a different opinion based on my personal experiences.

  • Its kinda gets boring after a while

  • the best way to determine if No Man's Sky is right for you and your friends is to give it a try and form your own opinion