So I am asking this question because I recently saw in some gaming blogs and youtube videos that the liquid cooling runs down leaving dry spots in vertical position. After originally having mine horizontal when I first bought my ps5, I switched to vertical position to save space but had a few freezes in the span of probably 7 months and occasional performance hits so I reverted back to horizontal position. I am just wondering what position you keep yours in and whether you have had a similar experience? The experiences I had could have been attributed to other reasons like bugs/glitch in a ps patch or even a bug in my tv's os but there definitely seem to be evidence that putting it in vertical position affects the longevity of the liquid cooling. Do you think I am overreacting? I would love to know your thought on the topic.

  • My PS5 has been set up vertical since I got it and it has been running fine. So far it has only froze up in game once or twice in 2 years, crashes do occur relatively often in certain games but in these games it is common. I have a friend who lays down his PS5, but he has the same crashes in those particular games. As far as performance issues go, I only get some frame drops when using a ray traced 30 fps mode such as in GTA 5. My PS5 is older from mid 2021 though, and from what I have seen from videos, newer PS5 models have less copper in them which might make the heat issue from liquid metal shifting more prevalent. If you find that laying it down is making performance better, definitely just keep it that way. I'll update here if I get the space to lay mine down and test it out.

  • Definitely not overreacting, I posted a thread last month about having crashes as well. For now, I switched to horizontal. Haven’t played as much as last month so can’t tell you let if crashes decreased.

  • We might only begin to be seeing some of the issues with the hardware. I've had a lot of friends have crashes mid-game that have pretty much wrecked their nights. 

  • My PS5 is one of the older ones too. I definitely agree some games crash because they are not optimized but I did have games that were fine horizontal and only acted up after switching for a while. It also could be broken game updates. Lol. We all have experienced those. Fallout games are notorious for it. I did not know about the copper with the newer models.  I appreciate the insight. I am so paranoid because a budged and got a PSVR2 and it definitely taxes the processor some so overheating is an issue I do not want to deal with and liquid metal is so messy working with that I don't want to have to reapply or deal with it at all. Thanks again for your input.

  • Thanks. I appreciate it. My crashes were not too frequent but definitely enough to have concern. I feel your pain. Nothing is more annoying then fighting an Elden boss and having the console crash. Lol. The game is stressful enough. I hope your crashes go away and definitely let me know if you notice a difference. Thanks again

  • This exactly. I don't mind a crash with a casual game but if I am playing Elden Ring or Returnal the last thing I want to do is start over. Extremely annoying. Thanks for your response.

  • We keep ours horizontal. I am afraid that my sons enthusiastic gaming technique would knock it over.

  • If you suspect a hardware issue, and your PS5 is still under warranty, you may want to contact Sony for support and potentially have your console examined by professionals.

  • LOL. I am a grown adult and almost yanked it off the entertainment center. It is hard to contain that kind of enthusiasm sometimes when really immersed. Thanks.

  • Oddly after going back to horizontal position a seldom get a crash but I think a PS5 optimization update may have helped as if the liquid cooling did move around the damage would have been done already. I still think that if I opened my PS5 there probably would be at least a minor dry spot from using it vertically for a while. I can't say for sure so I can't really blame the design without evidence. In theory, vertical position shouldn't make much of a difference. I think the PS5 is still going through some optimization fixes that should have come much sooner. Every gen console the past couple gens have been like this. Thanks for your feedback Luis.