How likely do you think Steam vr games like Alyx and Boneworks will come to PSVR2?

I got a PSVR2 on launch day and really like the headset but the library is lacking the genre defining games like Alyx Half Life besides Resident Evil Village and Grand Turismo which play and look awesome. I thought Horizon Call of the Mountain would be it but the combat is so limited and simple and the rest of the game is a climbing simulator. Its visuals and atmosphere are mind blowing but that doesn't save it from being a repetitive often boring climbing sim. I am hoping Sierra Squad. Aces of Thunder, Project wingman, Resident Evil 4 and Synapses bring the quality gameplay that the headset deserves. After finishing Resident Evil Village, I find myself playing the rhythm games like Pistol Whip, Beat Saber and Synthriders the most and never get tired of them. I have not gotten Pavlov yet but I am sure it plays well. I was just expecting big hitters on the level of Alyx which I have never experienced as I have never owned a PCVR headset. Do you think Sony will bring them to PSVR2 or at least games of the same level of quality? Don't get me wrong, there are a few really great games on the headset but just feel like Sony could have planned for more during rhe beginning of its life cycle. More than half the library are ports from the original PSVR1 or the Quest. I would like to see games made exclusively for the PSVR2 features and capabilities like the haptic feedback which has only ben implemented well in a handful of games. Without a doubt it will get better. What or your thoughts? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • If a game is owned by Steam or Meta then likely not, a game owned by independent studios are more likely. Also hope for a PCVR2 PC driver, follow and support the devs.

  • it's reasonable to expect the library of games for the PSVR2 to grow and improve over time, offering more diverse and high-quality experiences

  • Yeah I am hoping for a PC Driver too. I would love to be able to use my PSVR2 on my pc and have access to a much bigger library. I think some Meta owned games have crossed over to PSVR 2 .but you are most likely right. I just really want Alyx and after seeing the trailer for Assassin's Creed VR game being made for Meta really want to play it too. VR headsets are just to expensive to get for different platforms. 

  • Look I wouldn't dismiss the release of Alyx on PlayStation since Valve does have a history of releasing their games on console. The only problem I see with a port would come from the finger tracking found on the Index. However, if this isn't a big problem I don't see why they can't bring the Alyx to PS. After all the PSVR2 has certain features that put it above the index. 

  • The finger tracking didn't occur to me but I am sure Valve could find a workaround. Air Guitar was ported over which uses finger tracking and it works fairly well with the PSVR2 controllers. The finger tracking obviously feels a little better. Alyx has been out for a while so it could prove to be a lucrative deal for Valve and I don't think there is much crossover between PCVR and PSVR 1/2 users because of the high prices for headsets. I really hope it happens.

  • Alyx will have zero chance imo but other games I think may show up at some point. Depends on how many units Sony ends up selling