PS5 Pro Expectations and Features

Many leaks have been put out for a potential PS5 Pro release and have given many high expectations. What do you all think the PS5 Pro will have? Also, what new features do you want to see? What's your expected performance/hardware equivalent?

  • The current PS5 has a customized RX 6700 for its GPU, when the PS4 Pro came out it had jumped up to a new resolution target. While the PS5 is technically already 8k capable, since 8k is still pretty unreasonable even on top tier hardware for most games (not to mention a display of this resolution is also pretty unreasonable) I think the target on the PS5 Pro should instead be higher maximum FPS and better graphics/ray tracing capability. More customizability should be added as well, the lighting on the console and controller should have custom settings and we should also have more freedom in graphics settings. Some games always run at 4k which often results in 30fps quality mode and 60fps performance, many of us still have 1080p displays so there should be an option to make games like these render at 1080p so we can have same or better graphics settings at higher frame rates(this should be an option added to the base PS5 games too though). Additional performance mode types that allow for low graphics with far higher FPS caps would be also be good, with the rise of cross platform games there should be more games that allow for mouse and keyboard support, which would be accompanied well by the higher frame caps. 

  • i would say double the gpu power same cpu

  • I think the new PS 5 Pro will have more consistent performance and improvements to 4K frame rates. There could also be improved raytracing performance. Optimization is probably the main goal I would think. 

  • I'm sure it'll be similat to the current PS5. Maybe with a larger storage system. Possibly a faster CPU.. Propably double the price lol

  • Better CPU and graphics would be great.

  • The console is still too pricey & unaffordable. I don't care what a Pro model might bring when it's out of reach for so many. 

  • To come with a useful operating system.

  • double the gpu and cpu power

  • Probably something comparable to a NVIDIA 4070-Ti