PS5 Pro Expectations and Features

Many leaks have been put out for a potential PS5 Pro release and have given many high expectations. What do you all think the PS5 Pro will have? Also, what new features do you want to see? What's your expected performance/hardware equivalent?

  • Mopre gpu power and hopefully more compact design too.

  • Increase ssd  and gpu

  • I want it to be cheaper.  After all, you can get a decent PC for double the price that can do so much more

  • The PS5 is way stronger than any of the games being made for it.   They should be pushing for new, better games.  I am tired of all of the recycling of old games or concepts.   

  • Hoping for faster fps  & graphics..maybe different colors...

  • Just slightly better.  Consoles haven;t changed much in the last ten years.

  • I absolutely agree with you. It baffles me that the PS5 doesn't have an option to run all games at 1080p with uncapped frame rates like on pc. I do have a 4k tv but would still like to have the option to run a game for higher frame rates rather than 4k at 30/60 fps. That is why I buy the pc version of a game if it is capped at 30 fps and sometimes 60 fps at 4k on console because I know I can get 120 fps or way more on pc if the game is optimized.  I also think a new PS5 pro should have a much bigger stock SSD. It is ridiculous with how big games can be to have only around 600 GB of space. It fills up fast.

  • Also depends on your own internet service and how many devices are simultaneously playing in the same household. If you are by yourself, then all is good.

  • Any upgrade has to be good if not great at the least.