PlayStation needs to offer an even more basic ps plus tier for those only interested in online gaming.

After todays news about the price hikes, paying 80 bucks just to play online is ridiculous. I don't care about any other benefits such as save cloud, monthly games, price reduction etc. Just want to be able to play games online without the need to shell out so much money for it. I mainly play street fighter/fighting games which is meant to be play online, having to pay 80 bucks to basically unlock the main mode of these games is absurd.

  • I'm just glad these go on sale. I have a couple of years stacked up of PS Plus that I bought for less than $40. 

  • i think they want to upsell people and not lose the profits they could get. This low tier would cannibalize their PS Plus lineup

  • All these subscription based gaming stuff sucks.  

  • Console subscriptions should die already unless it's like game pass or something like it. I don't believe in having to pay for online/multiplayer especially since it's free on pc. I'm dropping PS plus after it expires, i don't think it's worth for $80.

  • I've never understood why they charge so much for it and that people are readily paying for it.

  • subscriptions need to be ends

  • I absolutely agree, I already had felt that the $60 was too pricey for the ability to play online for a year and would only get plus on holiday sales. The free games are a nice touch, wouldn't really call them a bonus here since it is pricey, but if with the price hike the discounted price will be raised too than it won't be as worth it to me. We need a tier simply for online services that is reasonable. Although PlayStation sells consoles at a loss and makes up the difference with Plus, this is just excessive now.  

  • Subscription suckes!

  • Ps plus is very expensive

  • Depending on the specific games you enjoy, some titles may offer free online multiplayer gaming. You can still enjoy online gaming experiences without needing to subscribe to a paid service. Look for games that don't require a subscription.