If you have access to a PS5 and a TV uninterrupted full time, then congrats - the PlayStation Portal is not for you.

I feel like it's worth saying that Sony isn't pushing this product down our throats. A lot of the commentary I see is dogging on it, questioning the choice for it, expressing disappointment, and so on.

It's as if people can't fathom that if they don't want something, then maybe it wasn't made for them.

I'm a working dad. I don't get much gaming time and the time I do get, I usually get kicked off the TV by a son who wants to watch YouTube dance videos or a wife who wants to watch mind numbing reality TV. So the idea of being able to remote play from my couch, while my son and/or wife are getting what they want, is worth way more than $200 to me.

It's okay if the Portal isn't for you. It's okay if you don't want it. It's okay if you would rather have a Vita. It's kind of dumb, though, for you to not understand that some people out there might find it a very attractive alternative - ALTERNATIVE - means of gaming.

I stress the word alternative because this device is clearly not meant to replace your primary means of gaming. I think a lot of people wanted/expected something more and that's fair, but that's not what Sony is trying to do and they're not making this for those people.

  • Definitely not necessary

  • Definitely not necessary

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