PS Portal Thoughts?

Hey all, I'm a bit late to the party, but what are your thoughts on the new PlayStation Portal? From what I've seen in first impressions, people don't seem to like it all that much.

  • i think the concept is OK but the lack of bluetooth makes it a hard pill to swallow

  • There are too many of these things

  • looking at reviews, user feedback

  • It's a hard sale since its only for remote play. I don't see it selling well. 

  • Also interested to know as well

  • I'm not interested. I think it's going to flop due to everything else that's out. If it was more of an actual handheld device like the vita, switch, steam deck, etc. I think it would have sold better even if the price was much higher than $200. I will be looking out for reviews and I'm fine with being wrong if it does sell well but from the reception it got online seems negative so...

  • The price should be 20% lower for it to become more viable

  • I don't think it is going to do well since it is remote play only, probably primarily going to sell to huge PlayStation fans or collectors. Average PS fans including myself probably won't need it as there are cheaper alternatives to achieve the same thing. I'd say the only thing that could change this outcome is if it somehow performs significantly more efficiently at remote play than normal devices such as getting a similar result at a much lower connection quality. That, or includes new features, not sure what that would have to entail in a remote play device though. There are just cheaper options like just getting an attachable controller for your phone or just using a PS controller via bluetooth. There have been talks of a new PlayStation handheld in the works which hopefully are true, if that turns out to become a reality they certainly have the potential to compete with the other handhelds in the space, especially the Switch.