So Sony is implementing another price hike to Ps Plus on Sept 6 2023 and it is a pretty drastic increase in my opinion with $20/$35/$40 increase across the three tiers. As a Ps Plus Extra subscriber, I think $135 a year is way too steep for what is offered. I even think $80 is too much for the basic subscription as I either have already owned or really don't care for most of the free monthly games. With the $10 increase to AAA games this generation and now Ps Plus, I am better off playing my online games on pc and playing my single player games, mainly Sony exclusives, on my PS5. What really stings is the fact that Sony has locked cloud saves behind the Ps Plus paywall which leaves them as the only platform I believe that does so. Sony has become, in my eyes, the most anti-consumer platform with extremely greedy practices. I just wish they would have a sub that just offers cloud saves and online play for a modest price like $25/year. Sony has been making one bad decision after another like the new handheld that only works as a Remote Play device that only works on your home network. I want a handheld like the Steam Deck but for PS5 games that I can travel with. How Sony thought this would be a good investment is beyond me meanwhile PS loyalists like myself are dealing with crazy price hikes. What are your opinions on the topic? Will you be continuing or downgrading your Ps Plus or switching to Xbox or PC for online gaming? At this point Game Pass is sooo much of a better value for pc and xbox players. Do you think Ps Plus is even worth paying for as more and more games are becoming cross platform? I know I sound whiny but I have been loyal to Sony and have invested a lot in Playstation even investing in both VR headsets only to be disappointed with the horrible tracking due to the motion controllers of the first headset and now the lackluster library of PSVR2 games with the lack of quality exclusive titles of the likes of Alyx for the second headset. It just has been stacking up to the point where I think I will either only game on pc or will go Xbox next gen to accompany my gaming on pc. I would love to hear your opinions. 

  • I am sure they blamed it on inflation but, the truth of the matter is a company needs to pull more profit than the following year as a duty to their investors, They owe no duty to consumers that being said I used to be a console player at one time but then I discovered Steam and never looked back. Plenty of sites to but steam keys so, you can get better deals on games that what the store front offers.

  • Subscription services are not sustainable at their current prices. All of them will continue hiking prices until they see a substantial fall in subs

  • I agree. It's always about fulfilling projected growth to appease shareholders. Yeah inflation excuse was obvious. PS Plus Extra would equate to a 35% inflation hike which is much higher than inflation norms especially considering a subscription service doesn't really get affected as much with supply shortages except occasional maintenance to server hardware etc... Lol I felt the same way when I delved into the world of Steam. TBH I only got a PS5 because I have friends and nephews I game and engage with on it. AS crossplatform becomes the norm, I don't think I will ever buy a console again. Thank you for your reply Art.

  • If you raise prices by ten percent and don't lose any subscribers than 10% was not enough. Netflix can keep going higher because they are cheaper and better than cable, so they will. This is unfortunately the world we live in. Duty to shareholders before customers.

  • Sorry everyone. I was right. netflix just announced it's new price increase. I jinxed it.