Playstation vs xbox?

I am considering selling all my xbox stuff and buying ps5 and keeping my headset and external drive for the ps5. Any thoughts?

  • Sounds like a good plan. Playstation still dominates the console wars.

  • good plan.  Playstation is superior. 

  • I have a PS5 also and love it. But check the pricing structure between PS5 & Xbox because Sony recently increased their prices by quite a bit for the monthly plan.

  • I have always viewed Playstation as being at the leading edge of console innovation. Maybe that is just a byproduct of them having good marketing, but I am more excited by what they are doing than any other brand because of it.

  • Xbox Game Pass is way better and cheaper, so I wouldn't do it. Also, PlayStation controllers are a lot more expensive. Unless you have a gaming PC with Xbox Game Pass, I would advise against it. The only "good thing" about getting the PS5 are the few game exclusives.

  • Its a good idea. Most xbox games are also on PC usually. Playstation still has more of the exclusives that are popular and well-made. Although the game pass is a better option than the PS+ subscription in how much value it brings (plus xbox has better backwards compatibility)

  • I guess it depends on what you're looking for. If you like a more "console" experience I'd go PS5 although they did just raise the price of their online services. If you're looking more for a "Netflix" gaming experience then you might want to stick with Xbox, although they too just raised the price of Gamepass.

  • All depends on who has the exclusives you want the most. If PlayStation has them - then go for it.

  • Can't really answer this since ps has been with most of my life. Well with exception of the Xbox 360

  • Xbox, because more options for gaming.