PS5 Upgrade or Not?

Hey all ya PlayStation lovers. I just wanted to let a link to those that are thinking of upgrading their PS5 Hard Drive. By no means am I employed or affiliated to Sony, and/or PlayStation Network, but for the techies that want to review the video, I happened to view this, and bookmark it for my friends that still use console and want a larger hard drive...  It's a NEW very well made video, descriptive for those that like the step by step types of instructions, and explains specifics.


  • Nice! My bro already got the WD Black drive and has it installed. I am going to hold off a bit but plan on doing the upgrade at some point. This was an excellent breakdown of the beta program, the installation, and how to manage storage going forward. Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it very much and have subscribed to the channel. V

  • for me there's no rush to upgrade since I have plenty of space on my drive, probably I'll hold off for now and there maybe a chance to have a better hardware developed in the near future.

  • I don't plan on upgrading to next-gen consoles any time soon.