What’s one ps3 era game you think kids today need to play

Demons souls ps3, hard af but a great game

  • Little Big Planet, fantastic platformer that was super innovative and a ton of fun. I'd still play it if the online servers didn't get shutdown. That and Mod Nation Racers. Still fun story modes, but the online play was the best for both

  • I know there are a bunch of series that are exclusively on the PS3 like Resistance and Infamous, but I think Fat Princess would be the most enjoyable game for a group of kids to play. It is just the perfect cartoony PVP for kids to play. 

  • Little Big Planet is probably the perfect choice for a kid to play! It has so much creativity in it that is perfect for a kid's mind. There are so many levels that are vastly different than each other that when I first played as a kid was blown away by them all. 

  • Late era of the PS3 but Beyond Two Souls is definitely a game I would recommend. I remember loving that game a lot when it released and later picked it for the PS4 and still loved it. I think more people should pick it up if they have the time. I also recommend Uncharted 3.