PS Plus Games

These days I wait for new games to pop on Ps Plus and don't really purchase them. Is there anyone else in the same camp? How much are you willing to wait for games like GOW Ragnarok to show up?

  • Not quite in the same camp, for games I have high interest in I won't pay a full 60 or 70 dollars, I do wait for these to get a decent discount. For the ones I see that I might enjoy but can't be sure, yeah I do count on them being on PS Plus with the exception being if my friends are playing it, which adds another layer of value to the game. 

  • I actually haven't played my playstation in probably over a year and change.  I still collect the monthly games everytime though.

  • I do wait for games to show up on PS Plus or catalog these days. Unless a truly great game has a great discount (like dropping below $20)

  • I am in the same camp. I wait for games to be on PS Plus. Unless I know it will be a long while for it to show up on there. Like GOW or Baldur Gate 3. The only other exception I have is if the game is under $10.