PSVR2 vs Smart glasses: what gives the best experience for watching movies?

Talking sorely about recreating a theater movie watching experience, taking into account field of view, definition, colors, which would offer the best experience in your opinion?

Anyone here tried using PSVR2 for this? Has anyone tried both types of glasses to watch movies?

  • I haven't tried either! I am so curious to try something VR. My friend just got a MetaQuest 3 and I'm jealous.

  • I am interested in VR also, but have pretty strong eyeglass lenses and am not sure how VR works with Glasses.  Also over 50, so need reading glasses for close up viewing; (Like VR would be?)  Interested to see comments from users with hands on experience.

  • well the psvr2 lets WAY less light in than smart glasses

  • Think a psvr2 headset would be better, better enclosure to block out the light. The glasses is alright, but has a smaller viewing experience.

  • The PSVR2 are at the top of my sons Christmas list for similar reasons, but the associate at the store said don't waste your money. I am torn!

  • The PSVR2 will have the better experience but it lacks VR media apps at the moment so unless you only want to play VR games it is not a game changer in movie watching. There are rumors that Sony is planning to add media apps to the platform like they did with the first headset and hopefully with a better variety.

  • Did the associate give you a reason why?  I have the  PSVR2 and it is a great quality headset and is on par with headsets on pc that cost almost double the price. I think what is important to consider when buying it for your son is whether your son gets motion sickness easily. Most games have settings to prevent it but I always turn them off for the full no holds barred experience. VR gaming is so immersive. Like for instance in Resident Evill Village or any horror game, it makes every creak, sound, and event so scary that you truly forget it is a game. Even when you anticipate the scare, you are still caught off guard and get jumpy. Driving in Grand Turismo in VR is also such an amazing experience. I think it is worth the price and you definitely get a good workout with some games.

  • There are insert lenses you can buy that clip on and can be easily be put on and taken off. HonsVR is probably the most popularly brand and can get lenses for as cheap as $50 depending on how strong they need to be. You can also where the headset with your glasses and it may or may not be comfortable depending on the shape of your glasses and your head. My sister will use my headset with her glasses on and it works for her but have a friend where it doesn't. I would recommend getting lenses just to be proactive to not scratch the headset lenses. I always make my sis pull outfront part of the headset a few millimeters to make sure there is enough room between glasses and PSVR2 lenses.

  • VR!  the block off all light make thing look better.

  • I'm guessing VR would be better or Apple Vision Pro also has a theater option, but I hate the clunkiness of it.