PSVR2 : What will it take for you to buy one ? Especially for those people who don't plan to ever purchase one, even if it was half the price.

For me it just comes down to the lack of AAA quality games for the head seat. I know this sounds shallow, but most game are either VR versions of existing games or games that already were on Meta Quest 2 years ago. There are barely 3-4 games which are geninue PSVR flagship experiences. 

I want to buy one just waiting on the library to be more appealing. 

  • I'd agree to not waste the money on it if there's not enough of a library, either directly or from what you'd enjoy playing, available to you. I wouldn't consider this shallow either, just the way it is, and it's not meant for everyone. Hopefully they'll make more unique experiences with would help it have a reason to exist in the long run.

  • The biggest feature that I would want added is PC compatibility. It could be just like the PlayStation racing wheels that have a switch that allows it to go to a PS mode or PC mode. If this were a feature, I don't think other existing VR headsets could compete, but as of now PSVR can be hooked up to PC but it won't have all its features available there which other VR headsets do. Adding this alone would make it my go to if I were in the market for VR. Though the second thing I would ideally want added, however probably not easy to implement on VR, would be an AR mode similar to what smart glasses do. This way it could also just simply serve as a screen for non VR content on any device. 

  • I have a PS5, but I also already have a Quest 2, Pico 4, and will definitely be picking up the new Quest 3, so for me to get a PSVR2 as well will require a pretty good deal. Maybe there will be a decent holiday bundle?