So the latest big news at Sony is the resignation of Jim Ryan who I believe was taking Playstation the wrong direction. It seemed like for every step forward two steps were taken back under his direction. Decisions like moving talent and studios owned by Sony to make first party live service games as its focus. Sony has always been known for epic single player games that made it the platform to game on. So many great franchises like Kill Zone, Infamous, and the Naughty Dog games have been silent this generation. We have gotten Spiderman 2, God of War Ragnarok, Demon Souls and Forbidden West but there really has been a bit of stagnation considering the PS5 has been out a while. There hasn't been a new Naughty Dog game because Ryan had them working on a live service game. Also the decision to launch a handheld that is essentially a remote play streaming device seems so unnecessary when competitors have launched full fledged handhelds that can be played anywhere without internet or streaming and then there are the steep price hikes across the board which are understandable if they weren't such a big increase. I just feel been a series of bad decisions the last few years. Getting back to main topic, Hiroki Totoki will be the interim replacement and the word is spreading that the focus is shifting off the live service focus and going back to what Sony studios do best and of course mobile gaming which he has been vocal about in the past. Do you think under new leadership that we will start to see more announcements for some of our beloved Playstation franchises? Will the PS5 get more feature updates,  a proper web browser and media apps especially VR apps for new headsets? It baffles me how the new headset launched with little to no media apps. It was bad enough that the launch games library was a bit weak except of course Grand Turismo and RE Village but not having the numerous VR media apps that are available on other platforms were really an oversight. The PSVR 1 had several apps with things like virtual music videos or the ability to use youtube VR content. What are your thoughts of Jim Ryan leaving and do you think it will be a positive change? What do you think could possibly come with the ne w leadership? I would love to hear your opinions.

  • Personally, I'm hoping for a someone who has a love for vr to come in and bring the bigger IPs Sony has into VR.

  • I don't own a ps5 because at the time there was the shortage and I went for PC gaming instead, but I'm still a Sony guy and I view these changes with optimism. Hopefully we can see more ps5 amazing games and make more exclusives accessible to PC, and see all the innovations along the way.

  • I don't think so. The best days of Playstation are behind us. Thank goodness for PC. 

  • I think Jim Ryan wanted to compare PlayStation to Xbox too much even pushed for more live service games (12 games if i'm not wrong) It's like the company forgot how good the ending of the ps3 era and the whole ps4 era was. It's crazy that they are moving away from making so many original games and now focusing on GOW, Horizon, TLOU, and spider man. Their fine games but what happened to games like sly copper, infamous, and other original titles. I miss uncharted too and games that pushed me to buy a Playstation. I think we as fans need someone who knows games and want story driven and unique games that made the ps3/ps4 so good to replace Jim Ryan. I also wish Playstation would bring back features like themes. I miss my P3:DIM theme on my ps4. I just want to have another ps4 era but better and i hope the next leader will bring Playstation back to it's best because i know a lot of people think this generation is lacking.