What game made you buy the PS5?

If you bought a PS5 specifically for one game exclusive, what was it?

  • I'm looking at getting one for God of War Ragnarok

  • I don't have one, but my only reason would also be God Of War Ragnarok (partly for the soundtrack, I love Bear McCreary soundtracks).

  • I just got one because I needed a new Blu-ray player. I haven't even bought any games for it yet since I usually just play on PC. Maybe I'll pick up God of War Ragnarok though.

  • uncharted and the last of us

  • Uncharted for me.

  • I bought the PS5 to play Horizon Forbidden West, finished the game over six months ago and haven’t used the PS5 since! But I don’t regret the purchase. Horizon Forbidden West was worth it to me! I am considering getting the PSVR2.

  • Looking at Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 is just amazing

  • I mostly wanted one just to have the next gen tech early on but i guess i really wanted it to run games better. i mostly use it as a faster PS4 ngl. I haven't played many games that feel like next gen tech yet unlike the ps3 to the ps4 i don't feel like we jumped too far from late ps4 games. 

  • Final Fantasy (Though I was not a fan of its distinct step away from RPG elements into a more Devil May Cry style action title) 
    Still a good game, just not the gameplay I had hoped for.

    Still other titles I play on it occasionally but it does get more 'rest' time than my laptop/xbox