I am so excited for Resident Evil 4 Remake PSVR2 which launches next week on Dec 8. It is a free upgrade for owners of the flat version which is always nice. It will no doubt look phenomenal if RE Village PSVR is anything to go by. RE 4 is the perfect game to play in VR. It is not only a great horror game but also a fun survival shooter. I think this will put any other game on the PSVR 2 platform to shame. I can't wait to roundhouse some of the infected or to witness the lake monster in VR. Everything in RE 4 seems like it is made for VR. Capcom has proved they can make good VR versions of their games. So many studios can learn from them. The last two games they made VR versions for were not just done great but were the full game playable in VR which is what the VR space needs. Most VR games are short or feel incomplete more like tech demos. I am also hoping Bulletstorm VR is done well in VR as it will be the complete game on the platform. What are your thoughts on RE 4's VR debut next week and do you think this will be the next game to set the bar for all other games maybe even contesting Alyx Half Life as best game in the VR space?

  • The release of Resident Evil 4 in VR for the PSVR2 is generating significant anticipation among fans of both the game and virtual reality. Resident Evil 4 has been widely regarded as a classic in the gaming world, and its transition to VR holds substantial promise.

  • I think the game looks good but what made Alyx great was the design choices around VR and the interactive world. At least for me. I doubt the same level of design has been put into RE4 based on what I have read about it which makes sense since it was made as a non-VR game