PlayStation PC titles

Does anybody know what PS titles are coming to PC?

  • Good question! Very excited about PC + PS Slight smile

    Some of the biggest titles are God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Uncharted!

  • No idea, but hopefully they'll give us spiderman - those games were amazing for PC

  • I remember playing spiderman games on pc and it really was amazing!

  • Wait, did they bring the newest spiderman games for PS4 to PC???

  • Now that Spiderman has launched I think it will be Uncharted The Legacy Collection and  Returnal after that. There have been leaks that Returnal is coming to pc. I know Uncharted Legacy was officially announced by Sony I believe. 

  • I really do not know which games are coming from PS but i wish i could trade my console games to PC. Or if i have the hard copy, send the game to the developer to gain that purchase.