Should my son spend is Playstation money on Playstation Plus, or a new game?

My son was previously gifted a year of Playstation Plus that is quickly running out. I am not willing to keep shelling out money constantly, so he has to pay for it with gift cards that he received for Christmas. He tends to buy a game and finish it within a couple of weeks. I told him that Playstation Plus is a better use of his money with the free games and other benefits rather than a $75 game that he will get sick of very quickly. He has been thinking of saving for the Wolverine game instead. What is everyone else's opinion on the best way to spend his Playstation gift card? Wouldn't he really miss the benefits of Playstation Plus?

  • Hello! When you say PlayStation Plus there are certain tiers called essential, extra, and premium tiers. Each tier gives you perks. For example, the extra tier gives you a huge catalog of games that adds more games each month. Plus, you get the perks of the previous tier titled essential tier which gives you 3 games permanently and access to online multiplayer. If you are referring to the essential tier, I would buy the Wolverine game instead. If you are talking about the extra tier I would go that route.

  • I've never subscribed to PS+ but if he gets bored with games easily it would probably be better to keep that subscription. And he can still save for Wolverine since there hasn't been a release date announced yet.

  • Depending on the tier you can miss out on a lot of free games. However, the biggest benefit of PS Plus for any tier is online multiplayer. Your kid will be unable to play games online without having this subscription. If they only play single-player games, then this is not really an issue, but if they want to play with friends, the subscription is mandatory. 

  • This is a good point, the only exception is that most if not all free-to-play multiplayer games do not require PS Plus such as Fortnite, Apex, Rocket League, Fall Guys, Warzone, and Overwatch!

  • Because he tends to finish a game in a couple of weeks, unless the game he intends to purchase is open world with mods to keep the game fresh, it wouldn't be a good price for benefit option. My suggestion would be to go for a Playstation + Essential for one year. For about $80.00 he'll have until February 2025 to play several games throughout the year instead of simply one.

    Admittedly I'm not a Playstation + member at this point in time, I was some time ago. However since getting a great deal on XBox Game Pass Ultimate for an insanely cheap price, I've been using it instead.

  • I think it really boils down to the kind of games he plays, the free time he has and the PlayStation Plus tier he can get.

    Buying the game is good, because it is yours and you can play forever. But story focused games don't really need to be played over and over. Unless you really like it. I suppose this is going to be Wolverine's case. This will also teach him to manage his money and expectations. 

    PlayStation Plus is good because you can play lots of games and it allows you to play online. If there are many games he likes and he has the time to finish them before the subscription is over, this would be a nice choice. It's also nice to test many games and see which ones you really like. 

    My choice is to buy games on sale, so I can maximize my investment and play on my own time. 

  • Depending on how much money that is.... PS+ will coast more in a long run because it's a subscription, while a new game will be just a one time cost. PS+ will allow you to play multiple games so it's really up to what your son wants and what you can afford. Honestly, if I gave my son PS+ subscription and he also wanted a new game that's not on PS+, I give him both!

  • If he is playing games that don’t require plus for online such as free games or of course single player which is what it sounds like is the case, I’d say there are two good options. Either get plus to get access to multiple games a month, some good some bad, or just wait until the games he knows he wants get discounted since playstation consistently holds sales. I don’t find there to be value in buying games full price in this situation especially if they are games he may just move on from after some time.

  • Depends on what your son wants to do, if he likes to play by himself and doesn't care about playing online then he should buy a new game, but if he wants to play online with others then go with the PlayStation plus, I'm not gonna lie the PlayStation plus games that they release are kinda nice, but it really depends on what he wants to do as it would be him playing it.