Playstation games. Remakes for newer consoles or Originals

Alright guys. When it comes to playstation, they have been remaking games for the new consoles. Do you prefer the originals for PS1/2 or do you like the remakes better for the newer consoles?

  • I do like the remakes more than the originals as I didn't play the PS1 or PS2 as far as I remember. I also like the updated graphics!

  • Depends on the remake. There have been some terrible remakes in PlayStation's history like the rushed release of Mediveil Resurrection on PSP with the worst camera angle in history. It really just comes down to which game is better. If the remake is worse then I'll just stick to the original. 

  • Some people prefer the originals for nostalgic reasons. The PS1 and PS2 eras were foundational for many gamers, and playing the games as they were originally experienced can evoke strong memories and emotions.