PS5 Pro

Whos Excited for the PS5 Pro to launch, & Are you getting one?

  • Excited? Yes! Afford it? NO! I can't even afford a PS5 right now.... I need a new platform I guess. 

  • There seems to be a lot of speculation about the PS5 Pro. Do you have any confirmed specifics about the specs?

  • It's all that I hear about from my children, but I think that I will wait for PS6 before upgrading. The 5 was expensive enough.

  • Short answer, no. Its most likely a 100 increase from the base PS5, which itself is a decent console already.

    More excited about the potential new handheld Sony might announce later this year.

  • If PlayStation 5 is indeed coming to the end of its lifecycle, I'd just wait for the PS6. We aren't getting hardly any exclusives anyway. 

  • I'm excited but I don't think I will be getting my hands on one.

  • I can't afford the PS5 yet, so we'll see

  • I'm excited because I think it will give some extra life to the PS5, which means an extra life to my PS4! 

  • I'm excited just because it means they aren't pushing away from the current console generation just yet.  I won't be getting one though lol the base PS5 is still decent