PS5 Pro

Whos Excited for the PS5 Pro to launch, & Are you getting one?

  • Not really, already have a PS5 and can't justify buying a Pro version.

  • I won't be upgrading to be honest. It will probably have a little more horsepower but not worth getting a new console for so I will definitely wait for the next gen. Sony doesn't have any first party games releasing until March 2025 so I can play any other games on my pc.

  • I am getting one. Also I am excited. I grew up on The PS platform. Always a soft spot for it.

  • Lol Ya i hear ya bud, im sure its going to be Expensive as hell!

  • No, unfortunately there are no confirmed specs at the moment, anything you hear as of now is just speculation!

  • Ya i hear ya, my son is the same way, he wants EVERTHING! lol

  • Ya im excited as well, that will be awesome if it happens!

  • Its not coming to its end of life cycle, its got another 3 years at the minimum, this is just a mid Gen Refresh!

  • Awesome! Me to!

  • You may be right, i will def try to!