Thoughts on PS Exclusives on PC

How do you guys feel about PS5 exclusives becoming more prevalent on PC? If every exclusive were to be released on PC soon after, would you continue purchasing PS consoles?

  • As a consumer, this is great news. I will also never purchase a ps console. The exclusive library is the only reason Nintendo or PlayStation is worth buying if you already have a gaming PC. 

  • I would, yeah because I like consoles more. And I really think nothing in this world should be "exclusives."

  • Its a great idea, Everyone wins, Sony can Make more money selling there games on a different Platform, and other people who went able to play them will now be able to!

  • The exclusive game discussion can be a heated one for anyone, however, I think that discussion can be had and I think common sense solutions can come from that discussion as long as those involved can keep their cool!    Here are my thoughts on PS5 or any Sony exclusive coming to PC.   Do I think Sony should bring their exclusive products to PC?  Yes, I think after a time on their consoles their games should be brought to PC to give those on PC who will never purchase a PlayStation the opportunity to experience the developers work.     I think this should go all directions though.    I think if all developers at some point could release their games on other platforms it will not only be good for the other platforms but would benefit the developers.    I know Xbox seems to be going this route with some of their exclusives.    All console exclusives should be "timed" exclusives.  Some can be a 1 year and some can be a 3 year exclusive.   I think having them a time exclusive will still allow the console manufactures sell their consoles because there will be gamers who just want to play those games right now, especially the ones that are multiplayer type games.   But what good does it really do for the developers if they are limiting their work to one portion of the gaming community?   But to answer your question and I own a Switch, PS5, and a Series X, would I continue to purchase a PS console if exclusives come to PC.  If they all came to PC soon after, like under a year, then no I would probably stick to playing on a PC.  However, if they did a 1, 3 and maybe a 5 year timed release then I would still consider keeping a PlayStation console.    That goes for Xbox as well.  As long as Microsoft does timed releases I will keep playing their exclusives on their consoles or PC but if they get rid of all exclusives and release on all consoles then I would stop buying Xbox consoles and just play their games all on PC as well.  Sorry that response was longer than I thought it would be but I think exclusives is a hot button topic that I have thought a lot about in the 28 years I have been gaming!

  • Sony really needs to do this to shore up sales from other consoles/PC. Their current exclusives are running dry anyway, so they'll need that revenue to make up for it to continue to develop AAA games. 

  • I do not mind that PS5 exclusives go on to PCs. I would still purchase a PS console as I prefer consoles to play video games. 

  • As an avid PC > console, I'd be delighted if there were some exclusives coming to PC. Like the other comment, they'd get more money for cross platform, and everyone has their own favorites. It's a win-win situation in the end, depending on which demand is greater or both demands are the same.

  • some PlayStation fans may feel disappointed or concerned about the impact of this trend on the value proposition of owning a PlayStation console.