Final fantasy rebirth

What are your opinions on the new final fantasy demo and is it worth playing when it comes out or would it be better to wait until it get a few updates. Would it also be a good idea to replay final fantasy 7 remastered first. 

  • I think its worth playing when it comes out next week. Should be the usual big day 1 patch. Replaying Part 1 is optional, think there might be a summary of events during the beginning of rebirth. Playing part 1 and crisis core remake+ watching advent children might help to understanding the timeline of the events better along with the references/certain character cameos. 

  • I think that it's worth a shot and looks very fun!

  • The demo is worth checking out but will only give you a glimpse of the game. Final Fantasy games have such big worlds with so much lore which is why I think they broke FF7 into multiple parts for the remake. I am pretty sure there will be a recap of Part 1 and the dlc. FF7 was always my favorite in the franchise so these episodical remakes of it are a dream come true for me.

  • I guest is if you love al lot Final Fantasy 7, I will play the remastered, but I believe you will enjoy Rebirth, when it comes out next weed February 29, 2024. I looks very nice.

  • I think it's worth playing as soon as it comes out!

  • Looking forward to playing it when it debuts!

  • 100% worth it. Its gonna be amazing! I have no interest in the remaster at this point. Fresh coat of paint on something I've played many times is not enough at this point. I want new content even if the content is different from what I expect.

  • This is the first Final fantasy game like since 18 y ears to get a near perfect score or above 90+ . I'm totally hyped now.

  • Maybe, but I'll wait for a few updates.

  • For whatever reason I have never played a Final Fantasy game and I enjoyed the demo. I have been too occupied playing the other JRPGs that came out in the last month or so lol. But, I am looking forward to the release and most likely buy it right away.