Final fantasy rebirth

What are your opinions on the new final fantasy demo and is it worth playing when it comes out or would it be better to wait until it get a few updates. Would it also be a good idea to replay final fantasy 7 remastered first. 

  • It would probably be worth playing after the first few days if the release is similar to the Final Fantasy 7 remake release. The first few days the game was out it received performance and stability patches. 

  • combat feels better than ever and the junon area in the demo is pretty addicting, can't wait for the release this week

  • It looks promising and I hope that I can win a copy of it.

  • Sure if you got the time you can speed run it. I'm still player Crisis Core right now, and 16 so my plate is full.

    Not in a rush for rebirth though I enjoyed the demo I will get to it.

  • It doesn't hurt to wait if you can. If you're a hardcore fan I guess it's in a playable status from what I have seen

  • If the demo offers substantial content and provides a good indication of the game's quality, it might be worth playing upon release.

  • definitely looking forward to it. big FF fan back in the day...

  • The game play is seamless.