Thoughts on the New Playstation Pulse Elite Wireless

Sony has released their new wireless headset for the PS5, the Pulse Elite (though yes it is compatible with any device via connections like ps link, bluetooth, or wired). At $150, this headset is the first project they did alongside their newly acquired high end audio brand they had purchased, Audeze, and it brings more bang for buck to the table over Sony’s other pulse and inzone products. To my knowledge, it’s also the first wireless headset to be made that has no audio quality loss wirelessly via the ps link dongle. So because of that, it’s looking to be a real bargain in terms of wireless audio quality when compared to the current market, possibly even the best overall clarity you can get out of a sub $300 gaming headset especially with its planar magnetic tech from Audeze. All that, and it is customizable with EQ via PS5.

Has anyone here gotten theirs from the preorder or maybe are planning on grabbing one? If so, what are your thoughts on your experience with the device so far? Or if you haven’t, what do you think about this new addition to the playstation lineup?

  • Ill make due with my logitech a bit longer

  • It looks like it belongs, I suppose. Definitely unique on that front. As for performance, I have to imagine there are better value propositions. 


  • I think this will be great compared to more expensive options.

  • I was thinking about purchasing the new Pulse Elite wireless ones as I did hear great things about the product. So, I'm glad that the product is well received! I am happy that Sony is upgrading their headsets for the PS5. I purchased the Sony Pulse 3d headset about four years ago and liked it for the $100 price point. I do not have any high-end headphones or earbuds so, I did enjoy the pulse. I will probably buy the Elite ones when the 3d pulse ones break or have issues with them.

  • I haven't even seen it yet.   I am still upset that I cant connect my regular Bluetooth ear buds to ps5.   It is crap.

  • I’m getting it. Half the price of the Maxwell if it’s even similar it’s a steal 

  • Going to have to waif for more reviews from those that I trust before thinking of picking one up. Currently have an audio system with a mixer that has surround sound. Interesting, hoping its easier to find and buy compared to the PS portal!

  • I don't like how it looks at all. I don't know why, but something about the design just rubs me the wrong way. 

  • I might consider getting one in the future once the two headsets I have now start to wear out. I have a Lucid Sound headset and a wireless Razer headset that are both mid tier and sound pretty good so I am not in a rush. I wouldn't mind the Pulse Elite Earpods to use while VR gaming though but am worried about how they would fit in my ear. I have a set of Sony XM-3 earpods and they stay in place as long as I am not moving around too fast. I try to jog with them and they occasionally fallout but the XM-3 design has been changed since the XM-4 due to the same complaint. They do sound great though so I am sure the Pulse Elite Earpods will too.