What games do you want to see a remake or sequel to?

When I was thinking about games I used to love on the PS3 I remember two certain games that I played a lot of. Fat Princess and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Fat Princess is hard to describe but, it's a multiplayer game with 32 players whose main objective is to capture the flag (princess) back to your home base. PlayStation All-Stars I am sure people know it is the Smash clone for Sony. I want to see it again but, in like a traditional 2d fighting game, made by Arc System. What games would you like to see come back?

  • I need Sony to bring back Jak and Daxter. I don't care if it's a remake or a sequel. I just want to see these characters again. 

    LOL, I remember Fat Princess. Its a classic and one of the first games I bought from the psn store. 

  • I would like sequel or remake of Tony Hawk Pro Skater with all the same characters but graphics like some of the indie games like :) Unreal, Doom Eternal; it would be awesome;)

  • Original MGS and Legacy of Kain games

  • i want older Elder Scrolls and fallout games to be remade into modern games