Best way to upgrade PS5 storage?

Recommendations for upgrading storage on a PS5? Should I get a SSD and connect it externally or do I need to get one specially made for the Sony PS5?

  • You don’t need the specific PS5 SSD’s, it’s just a partnership that lets them brand it. You just need a gen 4 internal SSD that meets the speed requirement of the PS5 of 6500mb/s or faster and just find one that is reliable from brands such as SK Hynix, Crucial, Lexar, Seagate, Western Digital, etc. An example would be the Lexar NM 790. I also would not recommend getting an external storage unless you are just looking for large storage for only PS4 titles, the majority of external solutions are not going to be fast enough or allowed by the PS5 to run PS5 titles.

  • I'd also recommend buying an SSD when they are on sale as they can be quite expensive as is for at least 2 TB. Sales are usually up around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.