Ps5 Pro

I suspect within the next year or 2 playstation will release a slim and pro versions of the ps5. Which version would you get? I'd for sure get a pro version.

  • I agree and would also get a pro version if the upgrade was substantial enough. I don't think there will be much of difference in resolution but there may be a boost in framerates and rtx implementation. I have a feeling it won't be as big an upgrade as ps4 to ps4 pro. It will probably have more ssd storage though as it is really not enough right now for base ps5.

  • I would get the pro version so it could hopefully handle VR better - that would be my main reason for buying.

  • I am waiting for a pro version of the ps5, but that is because I gave up on trying to get a ps5. 

  • I'm looking at finally upgrading to the PS5, so I can guarantee there will be the upgraded units within a year from when I pick one up. I've got luck like that lol. Outside of more memory though idk what the pro would be able to offer as the PS5 is already pretty powerful for a console.

  • I would go with the pro version for increased performance.

  • I don't know how much of an upgrade they could do for a PS5 Pro, but how similar of an experience would it be to trying to get a regular PS5 now (by invite)? Maybe having 3 or 4 different versions of a system (Digital, Disc, Pro, and/or Slim) might make getting one easier....I'd like to see a slim version with a disc. I'm good on a Pro version.

  • Go pro for sure. it seems like the slim is the middle version. It will have a lot of what the pros have but lacking in 1 feature that the pro has.