White Text/Black Text Issue when Typing up Posts

Seems like when you type up a new post the space to create a post has a white background with black text (defaulted white in the color selector). However, if you decide to make the text black in the the editor to contrast with the white background during creation its fine. Though when you save the post the black text then blends in with the dark mode background that the forum has been using as its back drop. 

Ultimately, I think the editor having a white background during typing can cause some frustration in word processing manipulation when the onsite background which is dark/black contrast with the editor background which is white. 

  • Just to make sure I understand, you're saying we should change the comment/post editor area to be the same "charcoal" color as the general site background?

    And that's to make it easier to preview what your post will look like on the live view?